• Varlık Makina has developed its mixers to fullfill the needs of the construction sectors , especially for frequently changing batch recipes with short mixing times and high throughputs

    Varlik Mixers , are used as a standard in production for the building materials industry.
    Varlik Mixers can produce various different products

    • Finishing plasters
    • Gypsum plasters
    • Rendering
    • Tile adhesive
    • Joint mortar
    • Insulation material
    • Roofing tile compound
    • Leather Chemicals,
    • etc...

MIXING General Features

  • Central Discharge Opening
  • Total Discarge Opening
  • Various Volume Capacities
  • Sample Take Devices
  • Agitators
  • Mixer Filters With Fan
  • Mixer Feeding Hopper



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