• The value of filtration systems is increasing day by day in order to protect the environment and human health in the industrial field.

    Our Filters are used to prevent dust occurring in the working area and outdoor environments where there are point and multiple dust sources and to prevent all kinds of pollution caused by dust.

    Filter bags are cleaned with compressed air by the valves controlled by the electronic control unit.

    It also filters and evacuates the air accumulated in the silo during the material transfer to the silos using the pneumatic method. Varlık machine, Jet Pulse Filters also;

    • Be able to work in harmony with the rotary dryer with its own special design;
    • Condensation prevention system,
    • Insulated and compatible to work in hot zone
    • Heat resistant filter cloths

    manufactures and sells jet pulse filtration systems to be used in sand drying facilities.

DEDUSTING General Features

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