• VARLIK MAKINA not only carries out palletizing but makes your product stronger. The bag removed from the filling unit is shaped into a proper layout in the palletizing machine. These proper bags are arranged in a systematized order and pallets in the form of columns are obtained. It is not possible to achieve this appearance continuously through manual labor. This orderliness in bags and pallets expresses your meticulousness and the seriousness of your production and increases confidence in your product making it stronger. Using VARLIK MAKINA Palletizing Machines at the output of your bag filling systems will ensure your total production efficiency improve, making palletizing an essential part of your operation.

    VARLIK MAKINA Palletizing Machines consequently improves the efficiency of your filling machine.


  • Full Pallet Height: 220 CM
  • Bag/Hour: 600 - 2500

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