• Products such as silica sand and calcite are the most important and most widely used raw materials of the construction chemicals production facility.

    Varlik Makina provides turnkey solutions to its customers by designing the processes of drying and sieving of such products and storing them in the desired fractions.

    Instead of procuring such basic raw materials from external suppliers, producing them in your own factory will raise your company to a more competitive and sustainable position.

    Varlik machine, 0-5 mm sizes of Silica Sand supplied as moist,
    • Storage in the feeding bunker, 5-6-20 m3 Bunker
    • Feeding to Sand Drying Oven with Belt Conveyor.
    • Single Skin and Double Skin and Drying of Sand in drying ovens with different features according to the requested project
    • Filtration System designed in accordance with the Sand Drying System
    • Drying System Automation
    • After drying, sieving system
    • Storage of silica sand in silos or bigbags after sieve

    Varlık Makina , manufactures and assembles all the processes.

DRYING General Features

  • Single Shell Drum Dryer
  • Double Shell Drum Dryer
  • Combustion Chamber
  • Fuel-oil / Natural Gas / LPG
  • High Performance
  • Compact Design
  • Sand Drying
  • Limestone Drying



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