VARLIK MAKİNA will provide sales conditions without compromising competition from quality and product under current competitive conditions in domestic and foreign markets.

In all its activities, it will present the appropriate and desired products to the market by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground; will make its company, brand, product known and reliable in Turkey and foreign markets, and will ensure the continuity of the trust gained. For these purposes all employees with his/her participation;

  • The entire process will improve product and service quality and will lead to continuous improvement in results.
  • Will follow the developing technology closely and provide to use.
  • Will motivate human resources through continuous training and effective communication, to guide us to our quality policy and quality target.
  • Will protect our employees with Occupational Health and Safety by fulfilling the expectations of our country
  • Will continuously improve the company culture and company image with this aim.

  • VARLIK MAKİNA MAKINA acts as a guide for itself with ISO 9001-2015 Quality. It has chosen the Management System as a model. Quality started in 2018 Management activities have been adopted with the support of management and employees.