Stretch Hood Machines

Our stretch hood machines are perfectly implemented for a wide variety of industries such as chemicals, minings, ceramics, minerals, beverages, food, feed, seeds , etc.

Varlık Makina is your complete solution partner from single source for all your palletising and stretching needs

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We continue to work with our STRETCH HOOD machines in dozens of different plants in many parts of the world.


how it works

Would you like to learn step by step working principle of our Stretch Hood Machines?


Pallet inlet
Feeding Conveyor

It allows safely external pallet feeding by using safety light sensor barriers


Film Measuring,
Sealing and Cutting

Pallet height is measured with the help of sensors. According to the pallet height, the length of the nylon is automatically cut and sealed.



Stretch film is held by the arms on the machine. According to the pallet width, the arms are opened and the nylon film is stretched.


Pallet Output and Stock

After the pallet stretching process is finished, the machine returns to its starting position. The stretched pallet is transported to the exit conveyor and stored and ready to be taken by forklift

“Varlık Makina is your complete solution partner from single source for all your End Of Line Solutions”


Let's take a look at how we do stretching step by step.

  • 01

    Unwinding of stretch hood film roller and opening from coil

  • 02

    Cutting according to pallet size automatically and sealing for each pallet

  • 03

    Hood formed by Arms and Ready to be stretched

  • 04

    Cartesian Arms , Stretch the film and it generates plastic elasticity forces in all directions

  • 05

    Cartesian Arms Moves from up to down and it adds vertical stretch forces for great load stability

  • 06

    Stretching Process Finish, Available for different Pallet sizes

Why should I Choose stretch hooder instead of stretch wrapping and stretch shrink ?

It gives you extra advantages such as below ; -Faster Stretching Speed -Increased Productivity -Savings in consumables and energy -Protection against external agents, such as , Rain, dust, UV , -Better packaging quality -Higher speed in pallet packaging -Greater process safety


Advance Technology for Stretching...

  • Protects against ; Dust, Moisture, Rain, UV and all adverse external conditions
  • Low energy consumption
  • Less amount of stretch film usage
  • No need additional heat treatment
  • Eco-friendly system
  • With one foil size you can pack different sizes of pallets!
  • It provides better mechanical properties than both “stretch wrapping film” and “shrink film”.
  • Stretch hood does not stick to the goods piled on pallet even if the goods are plastic. With shrink hood there is the possibility of melted plastic sticking to your goods.
  • It is 100% waterproof and eco-friendly packaging solution.


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