Filling Types :

  • Net weighing filling machine
    Gross weighing filling machine
    Volumetric filling machine


    • User interface via HMI panel
    • Automation Cabinet with Siemens S7-200 PLC
    • Product feeding unit depending on the product
    • Easy hanging height adjustments by operator panel via encoder for the different big bag sizes
    • Empty bag blow -up by blower fan for better packing form and effective filling operation
    • Automatic operation with one touch start after big-bag placing
    • Automatic big bag - loops releasers after filling
    • Heavy duty support platform


    • Automatic bigbag height selection
    • Automatic pallet feeding unit
    • Automatic big bag exit from filling point by exit conveyor ( roller or belt )
    • Automatic big bag accumulation by roller or belt conveyor for 2 pcs filled big - bags , and automatic traffic control
    • Product feeding solutions ( bucket conveyor , vibratory feeder, belt conveyor , screw feeder or pneumatic transport )
    • Bag / product vibrating unit for de - aerating to minimize the big bag size and to produce stand - up bag
    • Stainless steel option for the contact materials with product
    • Dust - free tirling by jet pulse filtration

BIG BAG FILLING General Features

  • Filling Range: 500 - 2000 KG
  • Ton/Hour Capacity: 10 - 30
  • For the filling bag, we recommend "Atea".



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